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Bible Coloring Pages as the Media to Deliver Values

To make good preparation, the thing that parent should teach for children is not merely about lesson such as school field of study or alphabet, reading and counting for children but parent also should give tough base for their life. Good manner and religion become strong capital for them to run life well. In common, parent implants religious value through story.

This is good but sometimes children do not want to hear it since they prefer to do activities than just to sit and hear. When children like to coloring, using bible coloring pages can be suitable alternative to introduces and attract children about bible. After the coloring, the pages can be used as the media to give story. It will be better than commanding them to sit and just to listen into the story. By doing this, they learn to contribute at the same time creating something.

The page can be suited with the story that parent can give to the children. When it is dealing with reference, websites provides great number of inventory that can be accessed easily and fast. For the example, when parent like to give story about Noah they can provide page of the Noah ark and so on.

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