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Simba could be the most popular animal character from Walt Disney pictures since the Lion King series are very memorable for most people especially the children. Yes, although the Lion King the animation movies released in the year 1994 but the hype of the series is remains until today and simba coloring pages are in high demand everywhere either at online stores or local bookstores.

Basically, there are two ways to get the simba coloring pages at discount price and why you should choose discount price? Well, your children must be very happy when you arrived at home with two or three coloring pages for them. First, try to find the discount coupons for the original simba coloring pages in the internet and make sure you get the Disney’s discount coupons so you will have higher discount. There are also other discount coupons which can be downloaded from the internet but the higher price cut always came from the creator of the Lion King series.

Second, if you have plans to buy Lion King DVDs then please consider to buy the special edition bundle so you will have higher opportunity to get simba coloring pages at discount price. The special edition bundle of Lion King DVDs also came with family t-shirt bonus so you can go anywhere with your children with thematic t-shirt.

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