Lion King Coloring Pages

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Lion king coloring pages for children above 5 years old

It is always a fun day if you can join your children enjoying their activity such as playing video game and buying lion king coloring pages at nearest book store. Yes, children always love to draw and give colors of lion king characters from Disney Picture. The coloring pages are ideal to activate brain activity and most children will be very happy when they are done with the coloring pages.

Lion king coloring pages are very popular as creative media for children especially for children above 5 years old. They can put their imagination on the coloring pages and explore their creativity with the guidance from their parent. Popular protagonist characters of lion king series such as simba, timon, pumba and nala are great inspiration for children while the antagonist characters such as scar and the hyenas are also interesting character which can help balancing the knowledge of the children about good and bad.

Most of the lion king coloring pages sold bundled with the Lion King series DVDs and there are also coloring pages which sold bundled with action figure from the Lion King series so you can choose which package is ideal for your children. Commonly, the lion king coloring pages has 10 drawing pages and 10 coloring pages with cut scenes from the original movie of lion king.

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