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Casper Coloring Pages for Simple Art Lines

Coloring books or printed coloring page is a good activity for children and also for adults. The activity can develop the cognitive ability and understand the concept of tangible things. It also can improve skills for specific purpose or profession. The casper coloring pages is one of the popular coloring pages can be found. The character is based on a television cartoon series Casper the friendly ghost, a little ghost who befriended with humans.

The casper coloring pages has simple line art that suitable for children to develop their senses on handling and creating lines. The coloring book can be the part of art education for children. The coloring books were emerged in America as one of the democratization of art process. The method is inspired by British artist Joshua Reynolds. Meanwhile, the inventor of coloring books is credited to the McLoughlin brothers that created The Little Folk’s Painting Book in 1880s.

The coloring process can use various method of coloring. The casper coloring pages are suitable for crayons, color pencil or even water colors. In some countries, the coloring book is included as a part of the education process. The children in Guatemala have their curriculum that included of coloring hieroglyphs and patters from Mayan artist from the ancient times.

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