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Mario Coloring Pages are More Than Just a Game

If you still remember about Mario Bros Nintendo game, you should know about the character on the related game. Now, you can always see the character on the mario coloring pages, your kids can find the favorite thing on the coloring page. Mario always have partner, his name is Luigi, and the mission is save the princess from the evil dragon.

Your kids will know about the full story of Mario and Luigi mission from the full story of mario coloring pages. Have fun and enjoy reading the story from the character, at the same time can make the character become more colorful than before. Each mission have the secret mission and test to pass, it they could not pass it, the present mission will be fail and should back to the early mission. The coloring page of Mario and Luigi character has a nice side for your kids and enjoys the story.

At the end of the mario coloring pages story, the bad side is always defeated by the good side that is all the work of Mario and Luigi. Meet the evil dragon with the special soldier, keep the princess in the underground prison, but Mario and Luigi are not over yet, until the evil dragon has defeated and save the mushroom princess.