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The Oldest Cartoon Character of Mickey Mouse for Coloring Book Pages

Mickey Mouse is the oldest cartoon character who becomes a famous icon for Walt Disney Company. This character was created in the year of 1928 by Walt Disney. It is a simple character that come from mouse and become the symbols of Walt Disney Company. It is the first character that created to be an animal cartoon character and the most famous one in the world. The birth of Mickey Mouse is November 18, 1928.

This symbol of Walt Disney is the best one that suit for coloring pages. There are many Mickey Mouse coloring pages that you can find it in the internet for the simple search. Mickey Mouse coloring pages are available in many variant of pictures. The picture of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse with Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse with a happy face, and many more.

The movies of Mickey Mouse are also available that many kids could watch it and enjoy the videos. By having Mickey Mouse coloring pages, your children can enjoy they draw and paint time while doing some of have fun. Coloring pages also have a function as an education method for your children in order to develop the motor skill of your children.

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