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Since Oscar oasis television show is became very popular among children, the Oscar oasis coloring pages also become the most downloaded coloring pages in the internet. Yes, the Oscar oasis animation show is a magnet for children and this is the brief review of the show for you.

Similar with other animation show for children, the Oscar oasis set fun theme in each episode. Oscar is a lizard and he live in a desert with his friends. Poppy the desert Fox, Buck the vulture and Harchi the Hyena are trouble trio that always have problems with Oscar. The four main characters can be found in most Oscar oasis coloring pages. The scenes in coloring pages often dominated with funny pictures and emotional pictures of Oscar or the trouble trio. There are also additional characters such as Manolo, the truck driver and Roco, Manolo’s faithful dog in the coloring pages.

The Oscar oasis coloring pages can be downloaded through many websites in the internet. If you want to get special bonus such as Oscar oasis shirt then you should buy the coloring pages in the official stores. The original character of Oscar oasis is developed by Team TO and Tuba Entertainment in association with Cake Entertainment and broadcasted for the first time by Disney Channel Asia.

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