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The Transformer Coloring

Kids like to coloring. They like various color because in their age, the various colors make them excited. For children in range age from 2 to 6, coloring is their favorite activity. They can train their creativity skill through coloring. From coloring, they can learn about colors to. They will be able to make different of what is the color of the sky and so on. For your little boys, you can give Transformer coloring.

Boys and girls are different. Boys like manly stuff like racing cars, motocross, and robots while girls like feminine stuff such as Barbie, flowers, and other pink stuff. It is important for you to give your children what appropriate for them. Besides it to introduce them about stuff they supposed to like, it also able to make them make difference of gender. Like I said before, transformer coloring is suitable for your boys since Transformer is about robots and action.

Transformer is a very popular movie from year 2007 to 2011. Boys are obsessed of it because this action movie is awesome and cool. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are both robots in Transformer and most boys like it. If your boys also like it, giving them Transformer coloring is a very good idea.

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