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Coloring Ninja Turtles for Art Education

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a popular cartoon television that gained its fame during the 80s and early 90s. The franchise of the Ninja Turtles is licensed for toys, video games, films and coloring pages. The pages and books for coloring ninja turtles are popular with the popularity of the series. The Ninja Turtles is originally created as a comic book from Mirage Studios in 1980s. The comic fast intended as a parody for other famous comic like Daredevils, Cerebus and Ronin by Frank Miller.

The activity of coloring ninja turtles in a coloring book can be an entertaining activity and also can be done as a part of art education. The coloring activity can provide exercises for developing cognitive abilities and also for spiritual edification. The coloring activities can be done with several coloring methods, crayons and color pencils are the most common method of coloring the books and pages.

The coloring ninja turtles for children and adults can be the activities for entertainment or education activity. The coloring books can be used for therapies; autistic children can be encouraged to do the coloring activities with bright colors to stimulate the responses from the environment. The coloring activity also being used for female empowerment by a feminist artist Tee Corinne, she published the Cunt Coloring Book in 1975.

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